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Creating a fun children bedroom with kids bedding


Kids Bedding Could Help Create a fun bedroom

Creating a fun children's bedroom with kids' bedding

With children appearing to grow up faster than ever before, it may take a savvy parent to create a bedroom that can grow with them, although this may be helped by purchasing a selection of kids' bedding.

According to home improvement website realestate.com.au, the key to creating a fun and functional kids' bedroom lies in choosing fixtures and fittings that grow and change as youngsters do. And if money is a problem, the article suggested changing just one element at a time, such as buying a new duvet cover, bed spread, curtains or wall hanging.

Walls can also be constantly updated without having to re-paper or paint, by choosing a neutral colour scheme and attaching removable hooks to hang children's paintings, photos, posters, mirrors or wall charts.

A cork board may also prove useful so kids can pin up their own pictures without damaging the walls.

Starting with the bed

When choosing a bed, the website recommends parents think in the long term and avoid buying anything gimmicky, such as a racing car-shaped bed.

To create extra space when a room is shared, bunk beds can prove useful but parents would be wise to secure them to the wall with protective guardrails in place to avoid accidents. By placing the beds against a wall, more space can be created for play.

And to keep rooms tidy, small storage boxes could be placed under the bed so kids can quickly put their toys away and then hide them out of sight.

Choosing the right kids' bedding

"Use patterned and themed quilt covers and pillowcase to decorate beds. These can be interchanged as your children get older. It is a good idea to choose machine-washable fabrics, especially for younger children," as eLinens website advises.

Parents may also wish to take a tip from TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, who, in her channel 4 programme Kirstie's Homemade Home, advised using old coloured or patterned bed sheets to create a unique and creative blind for children's bedrooms.

By following these tips, mums and dads may find that they do not have to regularly fork out to update their child's bedroom, but instead have a space that can quickly and economically evolve.

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