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Creating a home 'could start with a new duvet set'


Kirstie offers advice on creating a unique bedroom

People who have spent years making sure their properties are neutral in decor in order to add value and attract potential buyers may finally be able to let loose by adding a few personal touches.

And such renovations could start in the bedroom, where a splash of colour and personality could be quickly added with a new duvet set and matching pillow cases.

The time for neutral is over

Claire Barrett, editor at Grand Designs Magazine, notes that as Britons make the decision to stay put rather than move house they are becoming increasingly creative in their design choices.
"In terms of design, it is a really exciting and important time because it forces people to think about things in a way that they wouldn't have before and the Brits are good at thinking creatively," she explains.

And Ms Barrett states that this mindset was allowed consumers to focus on making their house a home for the first time.
However, she advises people who did want to make a safe investment that turning a room into an extra bedroom could add value for when the time did come to move.

Where to start

But where should homeowners start in creating the perfect bedroom?

Purchasing a new duvet set could be a quick, simple and budget-friendly way of giving a bedroom an instant update as well as brightening up any neutral decor, without having to dig out the paint.

Kirstie Allsop, the television property expert, offers Britons a number of tips on the Channel 4 Homes website on how they can create a unique bedroom for their property.

"If you find a unique bedframe, don't reject it just because it has an old mattress - or none at all. You can get a bespoke mattress made - or you might well be able to buy a ready-made one that fits," she states.

An antique bed could then be given a twist with a contemporary duvet set.

Ms Allsop also notes that another design option is to bring the whole room together using fabrics and bright colours, such as bed spreads, bed throws, curtains, cushions and rugs. By following these simple tips, homeowners could find they are able to banish the bland forever.

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