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200 TC Egyptian Cotton

200 TC Egyptian Cotton

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Synonymous with high quality, Egyptian Cotton bedding is renowned for providing sheer quality and comfort with a cool feel. At elinens you will find a wide choice of fitted sheets, flat sheets and valances various plain dyed colours and thread counts. 

Why is Egyptian cotton so good?
It’s the ultimate in luxury when it comes to bedding – but what is Egyptian cotton and why is it so comfy?
Whether you’re shopping for duvet covers or bedding sheets, Egyptian cotton should be your material of choice for the ultimate in luxury. 

Thanks to its high thread count, it’s super soft - the perfect option for those wanting a comfy and cosy night’s sleep. 

What is Egyptian Cotton?
As the name suggests, it is cotton from Egypt. But it’s actually a bit more complex than that. Egyptian cotton doesn’t come from the same plant as regular cotton. 

Cotton is a bit like wine – where it’s grown matters. Things like temperature, rain fall and soil all play their part in the final product.  

The Egyptian cotton plant is grown in the fertile soil near the Nile. This, along with the moisture in the air, helps these plants to grow longer cotton fibres. 

It is usually handpicked as well, putting less stress on the fibres and helping them to retain their length and purity. 

Why is it?
The long fibres found in Egyptian cotton create a stronger and softer cotton. As they are so long, it means that when cotton makers are creating the yarn, they have to make fewer splices. 

Splices occur when two pieces of cotton are attached together. By having fewer of these joins, the yarn becomes not only smoother but stronger. 

On top of this, Egyptian cotton is more porous than regular cotton. This helps your body breathe more freely by moving moisture away from your skin. 

What is thread count?
One thing you’ll notice on the packaging for Egyptian cotton is the thread count. 

This is the number of threads per square inch. As Egyptian cotton is finer, it means more threads can be included in every inch, creating a higher thread count. 

A higher thread count not only means a softer fabric, it means that it is stronger and therefore will last longer. 

For high-end sheets, you’re looking at a 400 thread count and 1000 thread count
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